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Please don't forward or listen to "gas out" emails

The "boycott gas and hurt the evil oil companies" emails are circulating again.

This idea won't work. It's rooted in economic fallacies.

We're being conditioned by a conspiracy to covet what the oil companies own. The conspiracy is not headed up by human beings. Guess who has a vested self-interest in teaching us to use covetousness as a basis for our personal decisions and public policy?

See things clearly: when you're thinking that somebody is unjust because they won't sell what they own to you at the price you want, are you thinking like Jesus? Not according to Matthew 20, where Jesus didn't even bother to prove the principle He asserted in verse 15 because it was supposed to be obvious: "Is it not lawful for me to do what I wish with what is my own?" What's the Bible word for wanting what you do not have? Covetousness. Envy. See James 4:2. Don't dress it up pretty and pretend it's noble. It's ugly.

Please see also my covetousness category.

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