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"We" -- agents for the collective

I loved this quote:

"Society remains primitive insofar as individuals are regarded as agents [for] the collective. Society progresses only as the depraved romance of the collective gives way to respect for the individual - the individual whose life and property are never regarded as being at the disposal of the state."

I couldn't agree more. The original context was about the possibility of a military draft, but this is the truth for every issue. "We" need to quit talking about what "we" need to do. "We" especially need to stop talking about what "we" need to do for "our" children. My children are not your children, and your children are not mine. For you Christians out there, where does your Bible authorize you to make decisions about the raising of other people's children? Where does your Bible command you to participate in and advocate some big collective of society with one common purse making decisions for the "common good"? The only thing I can find on the subject is Proverbs 1:10-19, and I think that sums up the matter quite well.


2busymama said...

How about 1 Thes 4:11 which commands us to mind our own business...
Glad to see your back after a break, you are a great writer.

voice said...

You're right. That's yet another passage showing us that how we are to live does not seem to be the way our government schools tell us that "we" should live.

Thanks, 2busy.