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Kim Davis

This whole thing is just ridiculous.  A clerk refuses to issue marriage licenses and instead of realizing that nobody should have the power to issue marriage licenses and eliminating her office, we make a good example out of her.

Because punishment is more fun than fixing the problem!

Also, notice that once again we have a bigger government telling a little government what to do.  That means that when the bigger government starts to oppress you (whoever you are, gay, straight, Christian, or whatever), the government that is closer to you will not be able to protect your rights.  Everybody ought to be afraid of that, and people on one side of the continent ought to quit telling people on the other side of the continent what to do.


To: Christians Re: Gay Marriage

Dear Christians: you married the state.  You married the entire government of the United States of America and insisted that nobody be allowed to divorce it. You made this world your home, you made an alliance with everybody in these borders regardless of faith or denomination, to live by rules picked by the majority.

You made this decision. You asked to live this way. You bought this. Now you own it.

your brother Christian Anarchist, David
P.S. In the future, I would suggest you look to I Peter 4:15 as a standard for your behavior.  We have been violating it greatly on this issue, and many others.