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Dear Senator Cruz

Dear Senator Cruz,

I am a fundamentalist Christian from Texas.  I will not be voting for you as President, or anyone else.  Please get out of my life.  Thank you.

Imagine a President who sides with Israel?  Frankly, I'd like to imagine a President who doesn't side with Israel.  Better yet, I'd like to imagine a permanent vacancy in the Presidency, or secession for Texas, secession for my county, and secession for my household.  Maybe I sound a bit like a hippie, but since you've got me started imagining, I'll visualize world peace.  Of course, it will only happen if people quit letting others have the power that you have and are seeking.

Down with Mordor, down with the Presidency, down with your office.

P.S. to any Democrats reading: I won't be voting for you, either.


Why I don't vote

I don't vote because I don't believe in the offices that we are voting to fill.  I don't believe we should even have those offices.  I don't believe anybody should have the powers of those offices.  I view emptying or eliminating these offices as a worthy goal, and I view voting as a detriment to that goal, because it legitimizes those offices.  I view not voting, and telling people that I am not voting and why, as the best option for proceeding toward my goal.

As a Christian I am glad for the opportunity to get involved in the process, and I do so by not voting so that I can advance what I think is the best goal for the land: eliminating the existing political offices.  I would welcome the ability to have more input in the process, such as a chance to vote to leave offices empty, or a chance to secede.  Failing that, I'm grateful for what I can get: the opportunity to make a difference by declaring how important it is to eliminate the existing monopoly government.


Open letter to Jim Carrey

Dear Jim Carrey,

When killers from the Federal government come around demanding money, men, and resources to continue to kill more foreigners in U.S. wars abroad, I want everybody to be able to successfully resist, and I want them to have the right to be armed against the Federal government.  The reason I want this is because I care about the lives of those children abroad.  Rather than strengthening the monstrous institution responsible for these deaths (by giving the government the power to disarm people), I want to see it weakened, so that the deaths can stop.

Unlike you, I won't go so far as to say that anyone who disagrees with me is a "heartless motherfucker" who doesn't care about children and has penis-esteem issues, but I would like you to understand that I want people armed because I care about kids.

Jim, I don't think I support the right to gun ownership because I'm a heartless motherfucker, or because I have concerns about my penis, or because I get a thrill from hunting and killing animals.  In fact, Jim, I don't even own a gun.  I support the right to gun ownership because I believe people should have the right to resist tyranny, and because tyranny is, even now, killing people at your and my expense.  You make a lot more money than me, and I believe you should have the right to keep every dollar of it instead of having large pieces of it siphoned off to go into the war machine, usually at the request of the "Hee Haw" style people you are mocking today.

The number of children killed inside America's territory every year by privately owned guns pales in comparison to the number of children killed outside of America's territory every year by government owned guns.  Please join me in opposing the real killers: your government.  I don't know if you are "willing to bend" on the subject or not, but I hope you will at least think about it.

Here's a link to Jim Carrey's anti-gun video today, in case anybody missed it  I did take the time to watch the entire video to make sure I understood what he was trying to say.