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Judge asserts right to raise my children

I resent this. Cocaine energy drink has been banned in Texas. (Not by passing a law, of course. By a judge.) Why do I resent this? I don't like the idea of drinking something named after a harmful drug. I don't take drugs. I do drink energy drinks, but I wouldn't drink this one. It honestly scares me. :) My kids wouldn't be allowed to drink any energy drinks at all.

So why do I resent it? Because I'm not raising my kids in a commune. Judges are supposed to make decisions about the law, not make decisions about how we should all raise our children. That judge asserted a right over my kids which he does not have, and that's wrong.

Once upon a time those who were in charge of this country made decisions based on liberty. Now the decisions are made based on what's best for "us".

Folks, "we" are not in this together, and I'm not going to allow you to raise my kids. And in turn, I'm not going to even attempt to raise yours.

The Cocaine energy drink people did not do anything wrong. They came up with a product which I find disgusting. They are not ambushing people in alleys and forcing them to buy this product. Instead they are just offering to sell it. If you don't like it, don't buy it. The Cocaine energy drink people are not your slaves. You don't have the right to tell them what to do. They exist for themselves and for God, not for you. They've chosen to serve a market. If you're not a part of that market, it's none of your business. They are not slaves to society. But this judge has enslaved them.

Manstealing is a sin.


Mike said...

Hey...sorry, I couldn't find your email anywhere. I saw your post about church bloggers on the "Church of Christ discussions" board.

This is a site a friend of mine and I are working on:

It's an RSS aggregator built around churches. We'd love to have y'all as testers. We're still building the site.


chuck said...


Well here is another comment re: getting in touch with you.

I'm working as a volunteer for Ron Paul. We sure could use some sharp IT folks, especially if they are Perl Masters...


email me: ccy AT