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Read Parrish Miller on Immigration

Great thoughts, Parrish.  Thank you for writing about this important subject.  I love the top of your blog with the "hate the state" banner.  What's scaring me is that we now have libertarians who hate the state except on this one issue.

In order to have a realistic discussion about these important issues, we must first establish some basic definitions. The first important definition regards the nature of ownership. You own your own property. This includes your clothes, vehicles, and other personal possessions in addition to your buildings and real estate. As an owner you have the right to deny access to or use of your property to anyone for any reason (or even for no reason.) Ownership does not include an entire country, however. Neither the government nor the residents of a country have any legitimate claim of collective ownership over the totality of a country.
Put simply, if no one is actually occupying your private property, you can’t claim that you are being invaded.

Contrary to the arguments of those who oppose free immigration and open borders, it is actually immigration restrictions which infringe on the rights of property owners.
Culture is not some fragile bird which must be protected from predators; rather culture is a living, growing thing which is only enhanced by the contributions of new individuals. The culture argument is particularly preposterous in the US where the culture (such as it exists) is a complex amalgamation of the various, preexisting cultures of immigrants from around the world. The idea that US culture has somehow reached an apex of perfection and that additional immigration will now dilute it rather than continue to build and improve it is pure poppycock.

It's hard not to quote the whole article because the writing is so clear and correct.  Keep up the good work, Parrish, and all others like you who stand for liberty.

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