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Telling people how to live

Quick comment: I just read elsewhere online where I commented yesterday that, "Neither the Republicans nor the Democrats seem anxious to admit that telling people how to live (slavery) doesn't become right even if it is 'legal.'" This is certainly a lesson I'd like to see those political parties learn. But many in the church need to learn this: "Telling people how to live (slavery) doesn't become right even if we're telling them to live the right way."

Of course I don't mean simply communicating persuasively to people about how they are to live. The Gospel is very persuasive, and powerful. But I'm talking about using the force of law. This is prohibited to us in the Bible. Let's call it what it is: slavery.


ClanKeeper said...

I was baptized in a campus ministry in Colorado that was sending it's "best and brightest" to what was then called "The Boston Movement" (now the International Churches of Christ). Fortunately, ours was not as gung-ho as others on the accountability to your discipler thing. The accountability went far deeper that just spiritual stuff. I heard a speech by one of the big-wig Bostonites at the time who said something like this: "If your discipler says to wear a red shirt, then you wear a red shirt - no questions asked". I was flabbergasted that someone would think that anyone should have that level of authority over someone else. Talk about institutionalize slavery! I was able to leave that situation when I graduated college. Later, that church came to their senses about the movement. I brought that up to point out that there are some in the church that are willing to led like that - in "spiritual chains". We in the church need to be careful that we are truly helping others to a closer relationship to Jesus and not forcing our own opinions on them!

BTW - I have read many of your posts on other lists, but this is my first visit to your blog. Seeing the links to Walter E. Williams' columns just added to my impression of you. Walter is absolutely brilliant and our country would be immeasurably better off if they would just listen to him!

voice said...

Thanks for the visit and the comment! There's a good example of people taking authority religiously that God hasn't authorized.

So ... if we vote that everyone should wear a red shirt, would that make it right? Can we make law? Or has God already made the law, and our responsibility is to keep it?

BTW, Walter Williams was the man who planted the thought in my head that made me first link my religion and my politics, and become a Christian libertarian. It took awhile for it to sink in, though. :) A good example column where he says something similar is here.