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Sins in the market, conclusion

How do you reconcile your belief in unregulated free-market capitalism as a divine protection against tyranny, with the fact that so many of the most profitable commodities in a capitalist market are the ones that appeal to our very basest and most disordered desires (drugs, p&rn, etc.)?

It is true that there is a lot of money to be made in the market by catering to people's sinful desires. Christians are, of course, forbidden to be the ones to make this money.

But remember that many items are multi-purpose. A gun may be used to murder, or it may be used to hunt for food to provide for one's family. A pencil may be used to draw a pornographic drawing, or to write an evangelistic sermon. Radio may be used to play music advocating violence, or to preach the Gospel. The Internet ... well, you already know about the Internet.

People all the time use good things that God has created for evil purposes. The free market is one of them. Evil people may prosper in this world, but in the end, the pleasures of sin are only for a season. None of this is an argument for getting rid of the free market, especially since God commanded it.


Ak-Man said...

Religion AND politics? You're a brave man indeed!

voice said...

lol. I kept these separate in my mind for many years, until they met in the middle. I was finding, "Hey, if you keep these consistent right principles in politics, you get the best results," and then I was finding on the other side, "Hey, these principles God mandates are the same ones that work in politics!" Weird, huh? :)