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Christian anarcho-capitalism

This blog is dedicated to spreading the message of anarcho-capitalism, particularly within a Christian context. Anarcho-capitalism is the responsible belief in privatizing all functions currently monopolized (socialized) by government. It is a type of anarchism, but "anarchy" doesn't mean "chaos," as most people use it; instead, it means "no ruler." (Compare with the word "monarchy.") It also doesn't mean going out and wreaking wanton destruction. That would be a violation of the rights, liberty, and property of others, and would be repugnant to an anarcho-capitalist.

Anarcho-capitalism is a scary thought for most people of Christian faith, but there are two surprising conclusions which I want to teach through this site:

1) Anarcho-capitalism is the system of government the world gets when everybody obeys God's commands. Anarcho-capitalism is God's way. If a Christian is obeying God's commands, he will not be supporting governing systems that interfere with anarcho-capitalism.
2) Anarcho-capitalism has been proven to be the best system possible in this fallen world. Imagine that; God's way works best.

Anarcho-capitalism is sometimes called "right-anarchism" or "right-wing anarchism," distinguishing it from the more common "left-anarchism" or "anarcho-socialism." Anarcho-socialists tend to consider themselves the only true anarchists, rejecting anarcho-capitalists. And vice-versa. Anarcho-capitalism is also considered by many (including myself) to be a type of libertarianism, the other type being "minarchism" (belief in a limited government).

Under anarcho-capitalism, government could and would still exist. It's just that you wouldn't get the right to force other people to be a part of your government. Want to be communist? That's great as long as everybody who participates does so voluntarily. Likewise for other systems: democracy, republic, monarchy. Theocracy even. Unless someone violates your rights, you have no cause for interfering with them.

Under anarcho-capitalism, needs currently addressed by government would be provided instead by the free market, and they would be provided better. This should not surprise us, because God ordained the free market. Like most people, however, most Christians have been educated to fear the free market and think that it produces "failures." They've been taught that government has to provide some things the market simply will not, that we have to provide some things by taking money away from a lot of people to pay for it. The fact is that this system originated when conquerors took over, took what was not theirs, and provided a small pittance of services back to the conquered people to keep them from rebelling by persuading them that they were being "served" by the government. (Compare this with Luke 22:25-26, by the way.) After millenia, we've all become scared of the thought that we could receive these things and take care of ourselves without such force being employed. But it is God's way that we repudiate such force.

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