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Please don't

Please don't vote for Hillary Clinton, Marco Rubio, Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, or anybody else to "lead" me.  If you want to follow them, be my guest, but I don't want to or need to.

I don't need "leadership."  When I want help I ask for it from people of my choosing, and the rest of the time I get along just fine.  I respect your right to life, liberty, and property, and I ask that you do the same for me and my family.  As long as we respect this right in each other we should be free to follow or not follow any leaders we choose.  The idea that you might impose a leader on me is the opposite of respecting my right to liberty.  As long as I have not infringed any these three rights you have no call for restricting my liberty or imposing anything on me at all.  If I start encroaching on these rights of yours then certainly you have the right to imprison or enslave me or whatever it takes to secure your freedom.

It doesn't take a vote for you to follow whatever leader you want.  Voting is not selecting a leader for yourself - it is imposing a ruler on other people.

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