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Government and law

We indoctrinate even children into the belief that selective breaking of laws is beneficial for society as a whole. But it is a lie. For example, counterfeiting is illegal. If it is widespread, the value of money decreases, which is incredibly damaging to everyone except early recipients of the counterfeit funds. But government counterfeiting happens on a massive scale, through the Federal Reserve. Whole schools of economics exist in government-funded graduate schools to teach supposed mechanisms by which this is beneficial, but the truth is it is just as destructive when government does it as it is when private individuals do it. The result is a dollar that has lost 95% of its value since 1913, after previously holding its value for several centuries (since even before the establishment of the U.S.).

Government as we know it is essentially just an institution that holds a monopoly on breaking laws. They routinely violate the rights to life, liberty, and property. They even claim the power to make law, determining that some crimes are permissible (perhaps only by certain people or under certain circumstances) and declaring other wholly permissible acts to be crimes.

In the English common law tradition which continued to influence this country even as late as the mid 1800's, law was something immutable to be discovered and reasoned about by man, but not created or changed.

I am for constraining the government to obey the laws, the real laws, the immutable laws which hold sway in every time and place: let's outlaw the infringement of the rights to life, liberty, and property!