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Faith versus science

Murray Rothbard proved all interventions into the economy are a net loss, in his book Power and Market.

I don't insist people have to believe this (even though it's proved), but doesn't it seem just a bit unfair that my money is confiscated to pay for this stuff that I know can't possibly work??? Whatever happened to not forcing our religious beliefs on others, the liberal creed? Because as near as I can tell, this whole thing works on blind faith. There's no evidence. You just believe that the winner of the popularity contest can magically create more jobs than he destroys by infringing on people's rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. What is the basis for this claim? How could you ever compare, since there is no control for an experiment? It's obviously not scientific. What is the theoretical mechanism by which this is theorized to work?

There's no way to prove it with a scientific experiment, and any investigation of theory will universally point to the idea that all of this is a net loss. Looks like a cult to me. Can I have my freedom from these religious beliefs?

Stimulus is for lab rats. Not free people. Every regulation destroys an economic opportunity (not necessarily for the action which can no longer occur, but possibly for the entrepreneur who would've profitably and more efficiently addressed the problem without government). Every intervention destroys wealth. Every wealth transfer transfers wealth away from the optimal growth it otherwise would have caused, to things that we value less than what we would've purchased voluntarily.

I don't mean to single out liberals ... conservatives, or at least Republicans and some people calling themselves conservatives, were also all about stimulus during the last 4 to 8 years, especially during 2008. Sometimes they called it a bailout.

God calls it theft.

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