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I need price protection

I know that Barack Obama has promised to protect people from all of the price gouging that has gone on in recent years. People have been taking advantage of other people's serious needs and gouging them for lots of money by charging more. This is going on in my own office. The price of chips in the vending machines has risen from 40 cents to 50, the price of candy has gone up from 50 to 60 or 75, the price of sodas has gone up from 50 cents to 60 (honestly, who can manage all the dimes and nickels this entails; it is extraordinarily inconvenient to have prices that are not one-half of a dollar), and worst of all the price of energy drinks has gone up from $1.25 to $1.50. This was formerly the best place in the world to buy a refrigerated Mountain Dew Amp. It was a real steal.

This is completely unfair, and I hope our new President, who has promised to represent the interests of all Americans, will pass laws to protect me from this unconscionable price gouging.

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Stan53 said...

Sorry, can't do that. See your post on not voting.