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Why America today can handle more immigrants than ever before

How many people can America support?

Okay, now that you've answered, how do you know that your answer is correct? What reasoning lies behind it? Is there any other rational reasoning process that could lead to a different result?

America today is far wealthier, healthier, resource-rich, and spacious than it was a century ago. Our ability to absorb immigrants is greater than ever. There's one reasoning process, and it makes perfect sense to me.

Of course, the fact is that the correct answer will be decided by the free market, if it's not injured and deprived of its free and moral character by regulation and socialism. And for that matter, a free market will be able to absorb more people, anyway, because it creates wealth and prosperity. But the thing you should realize is that you really have no idea how to decide how many people can be absorbed into our economy, and therefore you shouldn't seek to impose policy based on your estimate on everyone else.


meinallmyglory said...

who the hell said we wanted immigrants?

A.B. Dada said...

The various markets in the economy within the United States can handle immigrants -- which would be a boon to both employers, laborers, consumers, and producers.

The entitlement system in the various United States, and the Federal Republic, can not handle any more immigrants OR birth citizens. That system is broken.

It is with great sadness that I see my own neighbors complain about immigration when the people mowing our lawns are immigrants, the people cleaning our streets are immigrants, the people taking away the trash are immigrants (majority in my town), and the people keeping our local restaurants clean are immigrants.

Many of the immigrants I befriended in the early 90s are now successful business people. A friend from Mexico came with no English ability, busing tables, and now he is a head chef at a ranked restaurant. His sous chef is a caucasian.

I don't see immigration as a problem -- I see population growth as unsustainable from a tax perspective. Hopefully we add enough new people to the United States in the next 20 years to see the entire system collapse -- leaving behind entrepreneurs to fix the problem. From what I can see in my own town and State, I don't think it'll take 20 years.

voice said...

Yes, it's good to make the distinction between the markets handling more people and the entitlement system. As well as the fact that the entitlement system can't handle citizens, either.

Social security and welfare don't care if the next person you add to the rolls is a citizen or an immigrant, legal or illegal. It's unsustainable either way, not to mention morally wrong.