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The Philosophy of Liberty

Here's a short little movie you must see, entitled the Philosophy of Liberty.

You can view it directly here. Or you can view it in its original webpage here. Finally, you can install it as a screensaver to educate others. :)

This little film explains what is right and wrong, politically, in a very simple manner, from basic concepts with which we should all agree. (If you believe in the right to enslave others you might disagree with its basic concepts.) It explains why we are required, morally, to support liberty, and why exercising power over other people is immoral.

The presentation contains no reference to religious concepts. However, its fundamental principles are things that are taught in the Christian religion. Everything else it says is proved from those fundamental concepts. Thus, we should recognize that this is not just someone's political fantasy: it is binding on Christians.

Moreover, the truly wonderful thing is that Austrian economics has proved that if we would respect liberty, as taught by this presentation and on this site, we would see maximum economic prosperity. All attempts to interfere with liberty result in a suboptimum result: we tamper with things to make them "better" and make them worse, overall. This should not surprise us. If we would just have faith in what God teaches us, which means being willing to trust and obey Him and do what He says simply because He says it, we would not need to have mathematical proof that His way is best. Nevertheless, it seems that God has written His laws into the very fabric of the universe, in such a way that nations and groups that disregard them find themselves penalized for it. Want prosperity for your nation? Then practice the liberty that God decrees.

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