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Are you people really my family?

We were in a restaurant last night that had a television playing political speeches.  Included was a comment from someone that if you voted for his guy, you'd make everyone in America one big family.

I'll stick with the family God started. (Ephesians 3:15)  This other alleged "family" seems to be intent on terrorizing some of my neighbors.  In fact there were some neighbors in the back of the restaurant chatting quietly to each other in Spanish and they didn't sound like they were very optimistic about the political "family" that these guys were wanting to force on them.  Frankly I'm not, either.

David Lipscomb believed that since the tower of Babel man's government had been constantly trying to usurp and replace God's government.  Maybe that explains why people try to talk about the government using words that only apply to the kingdom of God, like "family."

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