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To: Christians Re: Gay Marriage

Dear Christians: you married the state.  You married the entire government of the United States of America and insisted that nobody be allowed to divorce it. You made this world your home, you made an alliance with everybody in these borders regardless of faith or denomination, to live by rules picked by the majority.

You made this decision. You asked to live this way. You bought this. Now you own it.

your brother Christian Anarchist, David
P.S. In the future, I would suggest you look to I Peter 4:15 as a standard for your behavior.  We have been violating it greatly on this issue, and many others.


Gay marriage

Should force be initiated against two people of the same sex who want to be married or consider themselves married?  My answer is no.

Should force be initiated against somebody who wants to consider two married people to be unmarried?  Somebody who wants to have a different definition of marriage as somebody else?  My answer is no.

I don't believe we should get our way in life at the expense of the freedom of other people.